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Justice Subcommittee on Wednesday, argued that the so called "Bathroom Bill" would infringe on their civil rights and even their safety by requiring them to use facilities that correspond with the sex on their drivers’ licenses or passports, rather than their identity. Cindy Sullivan, a 45 year old transgender woman from St. Petersburg, broke into tears while testifying. She said lawmakers don’t understand the challenges transgender Floridians face and said the bill is "government intrusion at its worst." "I just want to live an authentic life free of harassment," Sullivan said afterward. "I don’t want to hurt anybody. Harassment is out there, and this bill is government harassment." The bill passed along party lines, with the panel’s nine Republicans in support and four Democrats opposed. Earlier in the day, Democratic leaders, including Rep. Janet Cruz, D Tampa, announced their opposition to the bill, calling it "hateful" and "against

you have two levels of distrust there that have been created. One is with this hedge fund type model that Madoff was running. And I think pretty much everybody a little skeptical of hedge funds in general anyway, because of the way the markets have turned out. But the more difficult thing to figure out how we going to get over it. Tremont Capital [and other] people who, for all intents and purposes, are legitimate managers of money. People in good faith gave them that money, and then without being told, had all their money put into this Ponzi scheme. And so, how do you know which financial advisor you going to be able to trust going forward? There are even brands involved that are pretty respectable, under theaverage person frame of reference. So I think it a blow to the average investor confidence that when they give money to a financial advisor, they going to get it back. And so you want to trust but verify when you go into
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